Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long-neck visitor

While I was working inside this afternoon a commotion began in the back yard and when I went to investigate, there to my surprise was a long-neck turtle being harassed by everything that could fly, at least two dozen birds, all squacking and going nuts over the intruder.

I don't know how far he had travelled but he was dry and looked as if he could do with a feed and a good dose of H2O. I found a large tub, placed a house brick in the middle and enough water to be level with the top of the brick. I then went to the fridge and got a piece of steak and cut it into small slivers and back to the turtle. Droped a piece in the water and he was onto it in an instant. Within a minute he had eaten the lot; guess he was a bit hungry.

Now, what to do with him. He couldn't stay where he was and it would be no good taking him to the local creek; too many very busy roads around. After a phone call to the local wild life people, lake Kurwongbah was suggested, which is just a couple of miles away, so in the car and off to the lake.

It is a big lake and I'm assured that he has relatives living there. I hope he is happy in his new home. It is always a good feeling to see them go free.

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