Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Vote

The following is an email I sent to Joe Hockey after yet another letter from a liberal wanting me to vote for them.
Just to let you know Joe, I will not be voting for your buddy dutton in Kallangur.


Because, isn't he the same muuum, it's hard to call him a person, who wanted to desert this electorate for a safe seat elsewhere ? I don't like and never have liked keating, but he would call dutton a 'scum bag' and rightly so.

And why would I vote liberal anyway ?  What was it that your other mate said about broadband ? Lets just throw a few wires on the power poles, she'll be right. That says a lot about what we can expect from your lot.

I normally vote liberal in the national election and labor in the council election, but you will not get my vote this time. Does anyone in the party have their brain switched on?

Suddenly I am being inundated with letters from small liberals, I wonder why? Wouldn't have anything to do with trying to save your place at the trough, would it?

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