Saturday, July 3, 2010


Three weeks back I was in the Coles supermarket in Strathpine where I shop for some of my groceries. (Because of the attitude of Woolworths and Coles I don't belong to any of the loyalty programs and I purchase what I want from where I can get it and at the best price.) I like to nibble roasted and salted peanuts but dislike the ones sold in Woolworths because I believe they are roasted too much and feel hard when chewed and so I always buy them in Coles. But they had disappeared from the shelf and so, when I was there three weeks ago, I asked one of the employees where they were and the reply I got was - "they were putting too much salt in the peanuts and they have been withdrawn until the problem is fixed". How long does it take a supplier to one of the major supermarket chains to fix a problem? Three weeks have now passed and still no sign of the peanuts. The same supplier (from Victoria) supplies most of the other nuts in the chain as well and a lot of them are roasted and salted varieties so why aren't the peanuts back on the shelf?

Something tells me that what I was told in the store was just a lie, for what reason I don't know. What do other people think about the two big chains? For me their attitude just pisses me off and I would be happy to have the government do something about it.

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