Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Queue jumpers

     Have I told you how much I hate queue jumpers?

     Some may be genuine refugees, but from my inexperienced point of view I will bet most aren't. Just money hungry, easy life seekers, not unlike those we already have here. You know the ones I'm talking about, have everything and still want more. Big house, more than one car and a heap of debt, but that is not enough, they still want more.

     How do we fix the problem of all those boat people? 

     If we can pay greedy footballers millions, I say we offer Joe ARPAIO a better pay deal than he is already getting and point out to him that we have areas in Australia that look and feel just like his native Arizona. Lets stop pissing around with these law breakers. It is time we got tough. If they want to come here and they are genuine, I don't care whether they are political refugees or they just want to live the easy life, so long as they are genuine, let them put their names on the list and wait their turn. The first thing they have to learn about Australia is that we like to be fair to everyone, and that includes them.

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