Saturday, July 17, 2010

Election time

Following is the contents of an email I sent to the local member for the electorate of Dickson near Petrie in Queensland, Peter Dutton, in response to a letter he sent to me offering to help me with a postal vote, presumably in an effort shore up his vote count at the forthcoming election. It has been the only help he has offered since the last election. I believe that this is one member of parliament who should loose his seat.

Isn't it wonderful. An election is about to be announced and you send me a letter asking if you can help me with a postal vote.

Pardon me, but aren't you the same person who wanted to desert all the voters in Dickson because you wanted a safe seat to save your miserable hide.

All my voting life, I have on most occasions, voted for the coalition candidate in an election, except in city council I voted to Clem Jones and for Bob Hawke when he was first elected.

This election, look at my choice. The candidate for the two bit back stabbing red head and you. My god, what a choice. I think this time I will have to go with one of the alternates and help give the greens the balance of power.

"My vote will count on election day", it just wont count for you.
It is amazing just how much effort a politician will make when it seems that they might loose in an election.

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