Wednesday, June 2, 2010


At what point do you say enough is enough?
How gullible can one person be?
If you were of an age where your working life is behind you and your savings of 300,000 is all you have and you donated, say 50,000 to a 'worthy cause', would not a sensible person then say, "that's it"? How could a sensible, sane person, continue giving their money to the same 'worthy cause' even to the point of flying half way around the world to give them 26,000 cash in the hand, only to find yourself stranded in that country because you don't have enough to get back home? It beggars belief that someone could be so stupid. I guess the perpetrators of the scam, from one of those dubious African states, couldn't believe their luck when they found this jackpot. For a while it would have seemed to them to be like a bottomless money pit. It is a wonder that donor didn't then pay the police from that African state to investigate this heinous crime when they asked. And they say 'crime doesn't pay'. It sounds like this money pit has run dry, but if there are any other donors out there who just want to give it away, send it to me, I need it more that the Africans.

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