Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacuum Cleaner

    Now that the election is out of the way, we can get down to more important things, like my vacuum cleaner.

    I have one of those pretty yellow and grey plastic vacuums from Dyson and when I first bought it about five years ago I was a bit skeptical, given that it is plastic and all, however my opinion about it has changed dramatically.

    In the top of it there is a small particle filter which is a plastic dish about six inches in diameter and 3/4 of an inch deep and it has a foam pad in it which fills the dish. (That's the blue bit in the picture.) The foam part, which you clean every six months or so, was starting to disintegrate and so I had a look at the Dyson web site to find out what and where to get a new one.

    On the site it showed a picture and gave all of the information you need to make sure you are getting the correct part for your particular model. The heading for this part is 'Dyson lifetime filter' and so I wrote to Dyson and asked what that meant. Instead of explaning what it meant they sent back a letter saying that they had dispatched a new one in the mail at no charge. A couple of days later the new filter arrived and with it was an invoice saying that there was no charge for the item.

    How can I put this. Well done Dyson. I know now that I made the right decision when I bought it because it works perfectly and does a good job and the no nonsense service makes it a pleasure to do business with Dyson. I would recommend a Dyson to anyone. The vacuum and the company are brilliant,  WELL  DONE.

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